Saturday Psychedelics ~ “World” ~ Felt

This Alabama band of all teens sadly only recorded one self entitled album in 1970 (released in 71′). Consisting of Myke Jackson, Mike Neel, Stan Lee, Tommy Gilstrap & Allan Dalrymple were unable to find a label in their neck of the woods who recorded their kind of music. A small label (Nashboro/Nasco) who up to that point had only recorded country/bluegrass & gospel gave them a shot. A couple of months after the recording their 17-year old lead singer Myke Jackson was busted with an ounce of pot and got sent off to reform school for 6 months, thus the band broke apart.

Allan Dalrymple died in a car accident in the mid 70s.

Other songs on the album displayed both their blusier and jazz side. They had a good sound but like a thousand other bands who were attempting to hit the big time as well they just didn’t.

Though they still deserve to be heard for what they did put out if only for one album. Wish I could have found a picture of the members.


Felt Band 1971 album_back



Written by Myke Jackson & Mike Neel
Recorded at Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville.
Reissued by Akarma in 2008.

Myke Jackson – guitar, lead vocals
Stan Lee – guitar
Allan Dalrymple – keyboards
Tommy Gilstrap – bass, vocals
Mike Neel – drums


Full Album


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