God Speed to Boston.

Boston Tragedy

For the victims and the families of the dead.

Personally for those responsible for maiming and killing these innocent people including an eight-year old child, I’d like to blow off your limbs. We show too much tolerance for criminals on our soil. We sent troops to two venues for retribution of 9-11, one which had nothing to do with it costing over 4,000 lives of our service people. We still are in the other venue but for what reason is beyond me.

We killed those two demons so why not serve the same justice to those responsible for Monday’s cowardly act. This infuriated and saddened me at the same time. To take what should have been a victorious moment finishing a grueling marathon and blow the lives and spirits from people. I cannot comprehend such cruelty and these kinds of people have no place among the living.

Hoping for the death penalty here. Vicious deserves the same.


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