Thursday “Storming and Raining” ~ Sam Baker

A befitting song for our weather here in Detroit, where it’s been raining for 3 days with 2-3 inches more on the way and more in the forecast through the next 7 days. Cold rain warmed up with a cup of Hot Blues.


Sam Baker

This artist seemed to have fallen through the cracks of the music business for whatever sad reason because he had one powerful voice.

Born in Jackson, MS on June 14, 1941 he started his career in the late 50s and shared the stage with the likes of Jimmy Reed and Clyde McPhatter. He put out his first 45 in 1960 on a local label, Copa. This tenor who also exploded into bursts of a fabulous falsetto as you can hear recorded a lot of singles for a few more labels but even though he had the talent just never could land a major one.

He finally landed on Sound Stage 7 where outside of Joe Simon, he had more 45s on the label than any other artist. Every single song Sam Baker sung got better and better yet still not much notoriety was given to him. “Storming and Raining” was recorded in 1965 on Chicago’s USA label with DJ Hoss Allen. It can be found on West Coast Modern Blues 1960’s, Vol. 2.

This man’s discography to me was impressive but sadly didn’t get him noticed as others from this era. He should have shined like a star.

In 2008 SS7 finally released a CD containing 22 songs of Baker from 1965 – 1969 entitled “I Believe In You”. For me a little too late. There are even more of this singers songs that have still remained unreleased. If anything like so many unrecognized artists having never gotten their due, it at least gives many a taste of what they really missed out on.

Sam Baker is still alive but lives in some sort of managed facility in his original birth place. He deserved so much more in way of a career and acknowledgement of being one of the finest singers out there.


Sam Baker_R&B_Soul_Blues




Crazy about you baby / So long ~ COPA 200 (1959/60)
Keep on scratchin ‘ / Stormin’ and rainin’ blues ~ HERMITAGE 824 (1963)
Sweet little angel / Tossin’ and turnin’ ~ ATHENS 212 (1964)
Best of luck to you / The bump ~ ATHENS 213 (1964)
Once upon a time ~ HIT 125 (with NANCY COHEN – flip by SAMUEL MOORE) (1964)
You’d better check what you got / Storming and raining ~ USA 113 (1965)
Do right man / These blues are getting me down ~ SAADIA 6091 (1965)
You can’t see the blood / What did sister do ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2545 (1965)
Sometimes you have to cry / Something tells me ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2550 (1965)
You can’t see the blood / Don’t feel rained on ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2560 (1966)
Someone bigger than you and me / Let me come on home ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2568 (1966)
Safe in the arms of love / Just a glance away ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2579 (1967)
That’s all I want from you / I can’t turn her loose ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2585 (1967)
I’m number one / I believe in you ~ SOUND STAGE 7 2590 (1967)
I can’t stand it / Sunny ~ SS7 2601 (1967)
I can’t break away / Comin’ to bring you some soul ~ SS7 2613 (1968)
Strange sensation / Sugarman ~ SS7 2620 (1968)
Why does a woman treat a man so bad / Slow down baby ~ HOLLYWOOD 1126 (1968)
I love you / Hold back, girl ~ SS7 2630 (1969)
It’s all over / I love you ~ SS7 2636 (1969)
Sometimes you have to cry ~ 77 LP 108
“Do Right Man” & “These Blues Are Killing Me” is on “Florida Funk: 1968-1975 (Jazzman NA5029)” and also on “Nashville’s Got The Beat! (ROAD RDBL 44)”


All Blues



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2 responses to “Thursday “Storming and Raining” ~ Sam Baker

  1. What a WONDERFUL voice !!! Thank you for this!!

  2. You’re very welcome Kandee. How this man and his voice got passed by absolutely astonishes me. Wish somebody would go and find him where ever he’s living and do a show on him and finally give him the recognition he deserved long ago.

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