Motown Monday ~ “Just Like You Did Me” ~ Yvonne Vernee

Yvonne Vernee

CORREC-TONE Sonbert & Yvonne Vernee.


Written by Tony Clark, “Just Like You Did Me”, is the zenith of the sixties Detroit Sound. As the track powers along, Yvonne’s vocal delivery incorporates all the hurt, bitterness and sorrow that engulfs someone who has been rejected. Her voice fuses into a super Sonny Sanders’ arrangement that brought out the inimitable best in Detroit’s famed sessionists:

“James Jamerson, Benny Benjamin, Robert White, Popcorn Wylie, the Andantes. He had all the people. He had what it took,” is how Yvonne remembered her days at Mr. Golden’s studio.


Now if you have ever seen Standing In the Shawdows Of Motown you know The Funk Brothers wasn’t solely doing work at Motown. Even the spy they hired to report on their doings joined in on making the music! LOL

No maybe the name of Yvonne (Symington) Vernee never was put up in neon lights outside of the Motor City nor did she or the group she was apart of The Donays’ get rich. But in the UK they still go crazy for our Motown. Yes as in Now. Link at bottom.

So I invite you to click on to this link and step inside of Detroit and keep clicking onto the next pages of Correct-Tone.

We have more than a mighty history here then anyone can imagine. Even this younger generation here who’s rapping could enrich themselves into learning once again how to sing. They could tell the difference of what is actually musical art.

When The Beatles arrived in the USA in 64′ it was Motown they had under their belts and in their souls. Covers of the Motown Sound that the British ate up. And why not for we were the main course, because at one time Detroit ruled the musical world.

12th Street


Just Like You Did Me

Written by Tony Clark
Released in 1965

Yvonne Vernee – lead vocals
The Andantes – backing vocals
The Funk Brothers – Instrumentation.


Yvonne Vernee _ Elgins _Detroit


And Still Going Strong. Aug. 2012 article UK. The Elgins show with lead singer Yvonne Vernee.

Yvonne Vernee 2007



Made In Detroit


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