Wednesday “Deep Winter Blues” ~ Chris Rea

Last year at this time in Detroit over a week of 70s & mid 80s.

This year it seems winter just doesn’t want to end and it feels like a strangling grip. Go already, I’m fed up with cold.


Chris Rea

Chris Rea is a gifted musician and artist who has been writing and composing his own music since the latter 70s. His realm reaches the depths and his tone always scores. Cheating death in 2001 with pancreatic cancer, he returned to the studio to compose a 11 CD Blues series called Blue Guitars that also features his artwork. It took a year and a half to produce the 137 songs and I haven’t found a bad one yet.

22 prior albums to this 2005 release of a blues bliss, 3 more past this one. For some strange unknown reason this British guitarist/multi instrument, singer, song writer & composer struck millions of a fan base with the exception of the states and I’m left bewildered. He can take a depressing winter day and turn it into something completely mystical.

The arrangements never miss and his muse just keeps getting wider & better with age like fine wine.

Deep Winter Blues is off Album Number Seven – Blues Ballads. It came with a jazz touch and a different flare.

Tantalizing Beautiful.




Deep Winter Blues
Written by Chris Rea

Credits on the song.

Chris Rea – electric & slide guitar, piano, dobro, bass, calimba, balafon, vibraphone, hammond organ, percussion
Robert Ahwai – guitar
Sylvin Marc – bass
Martin Ditcham – drums
Douglas Dreger – mixing


Chris Rea 1970s

Chris Rea 2005



Chris Rea Blue Guitars


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