Sunday Solitude ~ “You Were Never Mine” ~ Janiva Magness.

My bed has become a nightmare of insomnia madness, yet a evanescence of sorts as I just don’t care to get out of it. Somehow the blues in the end always seems to rescue me ~ ~ ~


Janiva Magness was born in Detroit the same year as me and through the worst of an unimaginable start managed to fight through it and come out of it a blooming star. Only the second woman behind Koko Taylor to ever be named by The Blues Foundation the B.B. King Entertainer of the Year in 2009.

She also captured Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year in 06′, 07′, 09′ and nominated for it again in 2012.

This woman has lived the genre sung and maybe as with most genuine blues artists that’s why she exceeds in it.

You Were Never Mine is off her 6th album Do I Move You released in 2006. I’d say she’s moved a whole lot of people. She has since produced three more albums after signing with Alligator Records.

Her 2012 release Stronger For It is phenomenal. I’ll blog on a particular favorite off that one in the future. Today this featured song struck a chord nerve. Enjoy this lady as she sings blues as they were meant to be. It’s what makes her so real and beyond good.


Janiva Magness


Written by Delbert McClinton.

Credits on this song.

Janiva Magness – vocals
Richard Bell – piano
Colin Linden – guitar
Rick Holmstrom – guitar
Jeff “Big Dad” Turmes – bass
John Whynot – organ
Stephen Taylor Hodges – drums





Keeping The Blues Alive


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