Motown Monday – “7:30 Said” ~ The Lykes Of Us

It’s a shame that a major label never got a hold of this band because their sound was great. Hey day of the 1967 psychedelic wave.

But reality is these teens were a Trenton, Mi. high school band with about three members coming in and going out in the making of the band. The final four on the only record produced would be Larry Lamb, John Tyno, Larry Micallef & Dennis Odine. 7:30 said was actually side b to “Tell Me Why Your Light Shines”.

The MOLT label stood for the last names of the members with only 500 records made sold to fellow students for a $1.00 a record. Sort of reminds me of the movie The Wonders only sadly nobody in a really nice camper finds them to become their manager. Somebody should have. It would have been nice to see what else they could have further produced.

Nice instrumentation & vocals. I’m wondering if they ever brought the record to WKNR, WABX to get it any airplay.

After high school the band was no more but on this Motown Monday I think it deserves some long overdue recognition.


The Lykes Of Us
(Not sure of exact members in picture.)


And who ever uploaded this on YT needs to correct the bands name.

7:30 Said Written by Larry Lamb & Larry Hill.
Released in 1967.

Larry Lamb – lead vocals, bass
John Tyno – organ, vocals
Larry Micallef – guitar
Dennis Odine – drums


The Lykes Of Us.


Michigan Garage Rock 1960s



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8 responses to “Motown Monday – “7:30 Said” ~ The Lykes Of Us

  1. larrylamb50

    I googled our old band’s name and noticed this link and was completely surprised by how recent it was. Really appreciate the kind words. I didn’t
    think anybody listened to that old stuff any more. All of us are still kickin’ —
    Micallef’s in Texas (foreground in picture), Tyno’s in Georgia (back), and Odine, Hill (both not pictured), Montry (right) and myself (left) are still in SE Michigan. Thanks again, Larry Lamb.

  2. My pleasure Larry, as I stated I thought you guys sounded great. To me there’s about another 10,000% of music that this world really never got to hear simply because of nobody being around at the right time to give many bands the break they deserved. You guys weren’t alone in that department.

    Hey at 56 years-old I still live in those days of the past, what is there today? Nothing.

    Thank You for pointing out who was in and not in the picture.

  3. larrylamb50

    Hey, I was trying to figure out who and how someone would ever come across our old songs and saw the “about me” section at the top of the page and clicked onto that. I’ve been retired for a few years and I picked up the guitar again, bought a computer, and started to write new songs — just for
    grins. It’s my hobby. You may even like a couple of them. If you want me to send you a disc, let me know where to send it. My email address is

  4. Larry keep it psychedelic and I’ll love them! lol…I’m still a hippie, just not as young anymore. I’ll be in touch. In fact lay them down back on vinyl where music belongs. I’ll never forget begging the parents for the $ to buy a new 45rpm coming up in the 60s. I miss those days.

  5. larrylamb50

    Larry J. Micallef (July 3, 1950 – February 1, 2014)
    Rest in Peace, Brother.

  6. Very sad news, my condolences to everybody that loved and knew him and to those he touched. The music he helped to create will always live on.

    God Speed.

  7. larrylamb50

    If you are serious about vinyl and the way music is meant to be heard then I think you’ll get a kick out of State Records in the UK. Check out their website. “Mole” Lambert and Marty Ratliffe had a notion to do just the type
    of thing that I’m sure will win your approval. (“Nobody Knows That We’re
    Here”/ The State Record Story is a 10 min. mini-doc that tells their story on
    YT.) They have various artists and lineups that are pretty cool — one such
    is a young man named Paul Messis whose specialty is 60’s-style psychedelia and the sound reproduction is incredibly faithful to the era.
    Also wonderful is a group called Groovy Uncle led by singer/songwriter
    Glenn Prangnell and there’s this singer named Suzi Chunk who reminds
    me of Dusty Springfield. (It’s kinda like Dusty being backed up by the
    Beatles. Very tasty.) Check out their song “Girl From the Neck Down.”
    Sure, it’s low-brow and not exactly high art, but it’s fun and well done and really, really catchy. Have at it.

  8. larrylamb50

    I must amend my previous entry. I used the term “low-brow” incorrectly and entirely inappropriately. The music coming out of State Records is
    by no means of questionable taste or deficient in production values. To
    the contrary, there is a good deal of thought and effort put in to achieve
    a faithful rendition of what it was to make make 60’s-style recordings.
    And, despite THAT poor choice of phrase, it is most definitely fun, well done, and really, really catchy.

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