Wild Wednesday ~ Fox 2 Charlie LeDuff’s Theme Song!

Charlie Leduff Police Report

You got to love this town. The politicians steal, get charged then convicted and the blood thirsty reporters are there on the spot to capture the reaction. But the media here also lies like hell and gets into trouble of their own. They even make a parade a PISSING one. LMAO…. Poor St. Patty.

Thus ole drunky Charlie didn’t know where to find a toilet instead he Pissed on Detroit. Literally

So on Michigan Avenue in corktown it was. Then if that wasn’t bad enough he unleashed on three women calling them whores and a fight ensued. A man working security for the parade only moments earlier had offered Leduff a chair, seconds later his thank you was to bite him! I mean after the barrage of fuck them whores out of Charlie people came to the women’s defense and the fur really started flying.

Fists, Feet & Teeth. All the security guy was trying to do was help and seat him instead of him pissing in the street, calling WJBK to tell them what was happening to keep him out of further trouble. But Charlie wasn’t having none of that.

So his brother got involved, the poor security guy was trying to break up the big brawl when Fox’s reporter got hungry. Maybe he thought some food would sober him up and the finger looked like a big hot dog, who knows.

So the reporter who loves doing parody’s out of his subjects has become one. At least he admitted it all happened to WXYZ reporter Bill Procter he (Bill) looked like he was trying to keep from laughing during the interview.

One big happy family here in Motown Madness!




Hee.. Yaa…

A little Aggravated Assault. Hey we all got to cut loose some times. So…..

Fuck You I’m Drunk, Fuck You I’m Drunk…and I’m going to be drunk to the next time I’m DRUNK!



Leduff at My Fox Detroit

BTW…Ficano is on the right, looking at you on the left like Oh Brother I have to listen to all this.

And I'll tell you another fucking thing!



Edited March 14, 2013 4:35am

And when I initially wrote this I didn’t realize that this problem of his has obviously been going on for some time as I just came across this blog written in 2009. A video interview with him where he is blasted. Now what year the interview took place?

Video out of sync.


This is where the video originated. In sync.


So the last line of this song may be indeed truth….
and I’m going to be drunk to the next time I’m DRUNK!

Maybe time for some help.


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