Motown Monday: In Honor of Bobby Rogers Homecoming Service “What Love has Joined Together” ~ Mary Wells

Bobby co-wrote this song that Mary would sing second rendition to behind The Miracles and I couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate song for today.

His words, our feelings about him.

What Love has Joined Together, Can nobody take it apart.

Bobby’s Homecoming takes place today and though many tears will be shed for one of Motown’s family leaving us who was here at its birth, many smiles will also take place for the remembrance of all the music he put on this earth while he was here. For what he left us couldn’t match all the money in the world. His heart & soul and what generations to come will still be hearing after all of us are long gone.

That’s why today a homecoming/going celebration instead of saying goodbye. He’s in Heaven and we are still hearing his heart.

Thank You Bobby.

You were meant to be our Miracle.

With Love,
Your Fans of Detroit, Motown, Hitsville USA & the World.


The Miracles Honored At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


What Love has Joined Together
Written by Smokey Robinson & Bobby Rogers
Released in 1963

Mary Wells– lead vocal
The Love Tones – backing vocals
The Funk Brothers – instrumentation


Photo of MIRACLES and Smokey ROBSINSON and Bobby ROGERS and Pete MOORE and Ronald WHITE


Bobby Rogers Funeral Program 2


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One response to “Motown Monday: In Honor of Bobby Rogers Homecoming Service “What Love has Joined Together” ~ Mary Wells

  1. What a beautiful legacy he left in music. He is now truly immortal.

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