Sunday Sleep In ~ “Another Dream” ~ James Armstrong


Another player to keep the blues alive and this man has it running through in his veins. He also has lived the daylights out of it.

His first album “Sleeping With A Stranger was released in 1995, then before his next in 1998 “Dark Night” became a reality that almost ended his life. Because in 1997 Armstrong was attacked when someone broke into his home and almost stabbed him to death. It left him with such severe injuries to his left shoulder that it affected his left hand as well.

After months of rehab he had to hire a couple of lead guitarist to complete the second album. He turned to playing slide to bring his arm and playing hand back to full ability during this recuperation time. As you can hear on this third album release Armstrong thankfully returned to his prime.

In 2001 one song from the album gained him a WC Handy nomination for Song of the Year and also nominated him for Contemporary Male Blues Guitarist of the Year. Three different songs have been featured in three different movies. He fought the life blues experience and came back to beat the hell out of genre full force.

So sleep in and enjoy Another Dream.


James Armstrong


Sadly YT requested the video be removed by the user in violation of copyright.

Another Dream

Written by James Armstrong, David Amy & J. Brown.
Released in 2000 off the album Got it Goin’ On.

James Armstrong – vocals, lead guitar
Michael Ross – rhythm guitar
Jimmy Pugh – organ
Robert Watson – bass
Daniel Tucker – drums


Keeping The Blues Alive


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