Alvin Lee of Ten Years After Goes Home To Heaven.

Alvin Lee_Ten Years After_Woodstock

What has come across the news wire within the last hours has more than saddened me. The death of 68-year-old guitarist Alvin Lee.

I may be going on 56 but in my mind I’m still that Woodstock Generation teenager. And the performance that this man gave at that concert of all concerts will forever be etched in my mind.

I’m Going Home… sadly for us now he has. But I’m certain to a much better place. We seem to be losing so many of our Rock boomers lately and it’s more than disheartening. It’s like our youth is truly leaving us. To me this is a very solemn day.

So many favorites from this group and this man. The Rock and Roll world has lost one of its best sons and for his millions of fans world-wide we sit stunned. Alvin Lee contribution to Rock & Blues will always live on. He made our music world that much richer and will never be forgotten.

My sediments right now is this song that was always one of my top favorites, its title though now sadly fits.

Gone too soon but the music will blast on. God Speed


Alvin Lee Woodstock


I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes

Written by Alvin Lee
Fillmore East 1970

Alvin Lee – Guitar, Vocals
Leo Lyons – Bass
Chick Churchill – Organ
Ric Lee – Drums



How we partied to this next one. God


Yes right now it is the Bluest Blues.


Alvin Lee



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2 responses to “Alvin Lee of Ten Years After Goes Home To Heaven.

  1. I will be 40 next month and I grew up listening to this sort of music as well. I saw the Woodstock movie when I was a little girl, and Ten Years After’s performance really stood out to me for some reason, even though I didn’t know who they were. This is a lovely tribute you’ve created here. I wrote one earlier today as well, please check it out when you can:

  2. Yeah this one definately stung, Sounds.

    Losing too many. I mean when James Gurly died from Big Brother 3 years ago I felt sick for this was my introduction into the blues and psychedelia. Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly died within a week of both Dave Brubeck & Ravi Shankar, my God Levon Helm all before the end of 2012. It reminds me and my friends just how old in realty we’ve gotten. Yet I still feel like that same hippie and you know what I always will. It’s like I blinked and got old.

    Just doesn’t seem right. But then death is never fair. Alvin’s & TYA music will live on in our heart & souls. We wore the Woodstock album out 20 times over. It will never get old.

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