Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Rattlesnake Shake” ~ Fleetwood Mac

Danny Kirwan, Peter Green

If this don’t take you on a trip nothing will.

The guitars of Green & Kirwan riffing off each other, absolutely Mind Blowing.

Recorded between Feb. 5-7, 1970.

Should have been released back then as well but Peter Green lost it so they shelved all of these masterpieces.

So Released in 85′ as “Jumping At Shadows” then Re-released again in 89′ as “Live At The Boston Tea Party”. All I know is this is the only Fleetwood Mac I know or care about. What followed Green’s departure never again could measure up to the brilliance of the band when he was with them. Man…

When It Was Blues at its Best.


Rattlesnake Shake
Written by Peter Green.

Peter Green – guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan – guitar
Jeremy Spencer – guitar
John McVie – bass
Mick Fleetwood – drums


Orginal Fleetwood Mac


Blues Bliss


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