Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!” ~ Janis Joplin

Janis 69'

This Queen of Rock would have been 70 now. One can only wonder how much more she would have contributed and became had she lived beyond 27. Sadly a further explosion we never got to experience.

And why she was also called Queen of just Psychedelic Blues? It might have been the era, but this lady was 100% good old-fashioned low down dirty Mother F’N Blues. To me “Work Me Lord” was a Masterpiece.

Pipes, Talent and Real but all so alone.

One song on this album would ultimately define Janis for the song she sang was really about herself, Little Girl Blue.

Raw, Honest, Pure, Heart, Soul, Emotion… and Beyond Missed.


Released in 1969 with The Kozmic Blues Band.

Janis Joplin – lead vocals, guitar
Sam Andrew – guitar, vocals
Michael Monarch – guitar (uncredited)
Mike Bloomfield – guitar (One Good Man, Work Me Lord, Maybe)
Brad Campbell – bass guitar, brass instrumentation
Richard Kermode – electronic organ, keyboards
Gabriel Mekler – electronic organ, keyboards
Goldy McJohn – electronic organ, keyboards (uncredited)
Maury Baker – drums
Lonnie Castille – drums
Jerry Edmonton – drums (uncredited)
Terry Clements – tenor saxophone
Cornelius Flowers – baritone saxophone
Luis Gasca – trumpet

1. “Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)” Jerry Ragovoy, Chip Taylor
2. “Maybe” Richard Barrett

3. “One Good Man” Janis Joplin
4. “As Good As You’ve Been to This World” Nick Gravenites
5. “To Love Somebody” Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb
6. “Kozmic Blues” Joplin, Gabriel Mekler
7. “Little Girl Blue” Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers
8. “Work Me, Lord” Nick Gravenites

CD reissue bonus

9. “Dear Landlord” (Session outtake) Bob Dylan, Joplin
10. “Summertime” (Live at Woodstock) George Gershwin
11. “Piece of My Heart” (Live at Woodstock) Ragovoy, Bert Berns


She was loved by all.


Janis Joplin With Eyes Closed During Performance


psychedelic peace



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2 responses to “Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!” ~ Janis Joplin

  1. Dang it, now I’ve gotta go out and buy another album. Love, love, love this one! 🙂

  2. Sadly Diane the FM stations in this day and age including our SO-CALLED classic R&R station here in Detroit fails to play the heart of Janis which was BLUES! I’m so friggin fed up with Me & Bobby McGee and Take A Piece Of My Heart which are good songs. But my God she was so much more then this.

    They buried the best of her work. Infuriating.

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