Paczki Day Nowhere But Hamtramck.

Hamtramck Paczki

Or maybe I should have played, Get It While You Can.

Well I didn’t go to Hamtramck where they are the absolute best, but I did go to Dearborn Italian Bakery just after 6:00AM. They get theirs from a Polish Bakery on W. Warren. Now haven’t gone to bed yet so I told myself upon arriving back home, you can’t touch these until you get up. No way No how. Can’t eat all these calories then go to bed where it will just sit and make you fat. That’s That.

So I undressed, washed my hands, took some vitamins and…….
tore the tape off the box first went for a custard, before I knew it a strawberry one said hey what about mmmmhhh…it gone too.

Does one finger typing burn much? Hey INDULGE, ENJOY, SAVOR pretend they are your lovers. LOL… Honestly the last thing they heard was I Love You!

Happy Fat Tuesday People and Load Up.



Sam & Dave Hold On I’m Coming




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