Mellow Monday ~ “Pastorale” ~ Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters.

As the snow gently falls here in Detroit.

Band not the first time featured on this blog and certainly won’t be the last.

This guitarist (born Ronald Horvath) blues days started in the mid-late 1970s. His very first record he played slide along Sunnyland Slim, he cut two more one being with Sugar Ray (Norcia) and the Bluetones in 79′. Then really got his break becoming lead guitarist for Roomful of Blues that Norcia would also join. In fact in my opinion the best singer R.O.B ever had was Sugar Ray.

In 1988 Earl formed his own group and has never stopped.

A two-time winner (97, 99) of the W.C. Handy Blues Award Guitar Player of the Year he has played with every notable blues player out there.

And the Master of the Blues say’s it all of this man.

“I feel the respect and affection for him that a father feels for his son. He is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today. He makes me proud.” ~ B. B. King

Pastorale is just a tiny sample of a long career.


Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters


Written by Ronnie Earl.
Released in 2009 off of the Living In The Light album.

Ronnie Earl – guitar
Jimmy Mouradian – bass
Dave Limina – hammond B3 organ
Lorne Entress – drums


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