Monday “My Heavy Load” ~ Big Momma Thorton

Willie Mae & Mississippi Fred McDowell = Blues Perfection

What more else do you need.

Recorded 65′ – 68′.
Released in 1993 off the Ball n’ Chain album.

Why in the hell did it take so damn long to release the material and music that blacks invented is beyond me. Pisses me off.

The pure genius in these artists that Thank God, the Brits & Hippies brought to light. Who in the hell do you think they were hearing and following. My Lord had the door already been opened for them. And most never got their due.

All I can think of is a lick off of a Neil Young song. How Long, How Long.



Big Mama Thornton

Mississippi Fred McDowell


My Heavy Load

Written by Fred McDowell & Willie Mae Thorton
Also released off the 1965 album In Europe: Big Mama Thornton with Muddy Waters’ Blues Band.



All Blues


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