Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Square Room” ~ Them


The beginning of Van Morrison’s career. Of course many will just remember hits like “Gloria” & “Baby, Please Don’t Go” from 64′ & 65, then Morrison quit in 66′. From my view it was only then Them became quite interesting. In reality there were two ” Them’s” when band-mates broke apart. So then there was ” The Other Them”.

But this album and song were THEM.

Still following? lolstoned smiley

I’ll leave you to Wiki and other articles of members who were originals, who tried to take the band name and who ultimately got to use it. All I know is the album in which “Square Room” finally gets released in 2003 called Now and Them was a mastery of 1967 psychedelia when it was recorded.

Frankly I like this “Them” without Van Morrison. So did Bill Graham who had them at the Fillmore West.

Another masterpiece emerges from obscurity. From Ireland to the San Fran love in of the 1960s. Some call it garage rock, I call this one King of the acid hills.




Square Room
Written by the band.

Kenny McDowell – vocals
Jim Armstrong – guitar
Ray Elliott – flute
Alan Henderson – bass
Dave Harvey – drums


Them_Tour 67'


Psychedelic 60s



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5 responses to “Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Square Room” ~ Them

  1. cooper

    Nice flashback. almost Moody Blues-ish during the flute sections.

  2. I grew up in Northern Ireland, and seeing Kenny McDowell and Jim Armstrong perform with Skboo every Saturday night at The Errigle Inn was like a rite of passage for those of us going to university in Belfast. On Tuesday nights, it was just Jim and Kenny, acoustic … lots of John Prine and Little Feat covers. A favorite was Kenny’s version of Graham Nash’s Sleep Song. Not sure how I landed here, but glad I did since you evoked some great memories of a long time ago.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it Yvonne.

    I turned 56 Monday and I find myself going back in time more and more frequently. Musically better & innovative in my opinion, I’d gladly step into a time machine to take me back to this era and leave me there permanently. Please come again.

  4. i was a roadie with ‘Light’ and Skboo for some of the best years of my life. in the pound and in the errigle inn. fond memories 🙂 i’m tryin to get a copy of the light album any ideas. Ronnie McAlpine

  5. Can only imagine how great they were Ronnie.

    Have no Idea where you can find that album, I tried googling it every which way but loose. Here’s a couple of links I came across though.

    Thanks for the comment.

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