Thursday Thirst ~ “Solid Ice” ~ Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers

Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers

More from this powerhouse of a guitarist. Info on my last blog about him. This ex Nighthawk blazes this jam that sort of reminds my of Neil Young’s Down By The River & SRV’s Riviera Paradise with an ending befitting Hendrix.

When reading the liner notes of the album it states the riff is an instrumental take from one of his own earlier songs “Blue Tears” that had vocals. What ever the combination is Thackery nails it without a flaw. Just a beautiful laid back number to ease and sooth the soul from the bitter cold outside.


Jimmy Thackery

Mark Bumgarner_ The Drivers

Mark Stutso_The Drivers


Written by Jimmy Thackery
Released from the album of the same name in 2007.

Jimmy Thackery – guitar
Mark Stutso – drums
Mark Bumgarner – bass





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3 responses to “Thursday Thirst ~ “Solid Ice” ~ Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers

  1. cooper

    You got me hooked on Thackery with your last post…great stuff.

  2. Man, the more I listen to from this man I wonder why he isn’t more mentioned among the elite. YT full of even more hotter stuff he’s done over a very long career. Some of the best in this lifetime sometimes just do their outstanding thing without all the recognition and flash. Rory Gallagher was a prime example of that.

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