Monday Mambo ~ “La Luna en Tu Mirada” ~ Ry Cooder & Manuel Galbán

Fire and Ice

Whew…is it hot in here or is it just me?

Weather report say’s it will be the coldest week in a couple of years. So I didn’t know whether to call this Monday Mambo or Monday Melt…….down.

This song was off the 2003 album “Mambo Sinuendo”. Blues pioneer Cooder hooked up with one of Cuba’s finest guitarists, pianists and arrangers Manuel Galbán and produced a Grammy Award win for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

The song originally done by Los Zafiros a band that Galbán had joined in 63′.

La Luna en Tu Mirada could melt ice 10 feet deep so imagine the capabilities of it in your house with a man or a fantasy. Dancing or whatever. Lets put it this way you won’t need a fireplace or any hot sauce to get the juices flowing. This song lets you escape into any realm you want to let it take you.

So set the heat low and turn up the Mambo. A seductive start to the week.


Manuel Galbán & Ry Cooder


Written by Luis Chanivecky.
Credits on this song.

Ry Cooder — guitar, slide guitar
Manuel Galbán (1931-2011) — guitar
Orlando “Cachaito” López — bass
Miguel “Angá” Díaz — conga
Jim Keltner — drums
Joachim Cooder — drums


Ry Cooder & Manuel Galbán



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