Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “Angel Eyes” ~ Frank Sinatra

Old Blue Eyes

This performance was recorded in Dallas, October 24, 1987. It was released off the 1995 Sinatra 80th album.

In reality I fell in love with it in 1976 watching The Main Event and prefer that version with the Woody Herman Orchestra. But the sound quality of the versions I found from that TV special on YT were horrific.

No one I know could sing a song in an arena of thousands but make it sound as if it was in a shrunken down saloon as he described in that concert.

I have many favorites by this legend but Angel Eyes will always be in my top two. Pop, Jazz, Singer, Blues at its best. Only Sinatra could combine them all and you find yourself inside of a song with him.

This one was it.


Written by Matt Dennis – music & Earl Brent – lyrics
Nelson Riddle – arrangement
Originally Released in 1958 off the Only The Lonely album


blues bar


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