Sunday “An American Prayer-“Not” (Full Track) ~ The Doors

There are young people among us that don’t realize that this entire song was done after Jim Morrison died.

The music written and adapted around 3 hours of Morrison’s poetry readings from March of 1969 & Dec. 8, 1970. Though Morrison himself approached Lalo Schifrin to write some experimental classical music to be applied to these poetry readings with little orchestration.

What Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore did is what they wanted to do with another artist’s work but the artist having died had no say in the matter. Some praise the song as a masterpiece but whose masterpiece is it?

It certainly wasn’t Jim Morrison’s. He wanted a completely different outcome to what he wrote. I encourage every single person who reads this blog to read the interview that took place with Paul Rothchild on July 3, 1981 with Bam Magazine. It is beyond blatantly honest

All of the site is copyrighted for a reason. So it can’t be used as excerpts telling another lie.

So here is the link.

Jim Morrison was robbed from the grave. His work stolen.

The other members of the doors should have been ashamed of themselves. Split up for 5 years only to decide they needed to get back together to make some money off their dead band-mate’s art.

An American Dream wasn’t a masterpiece for the poetry of Jim Morrison and the music written around it were completely separate.

The music couldn’t have been created and produced without Jim’s soul. Because that is what he put into his writings. And it wasn’t the Doors he approached to write the soundtrack for these particular readings.

The whole damn album was a rip off. Yes the remaining members made their money, I guess their final salute to Morrison for having left them.

That was their prayer, yet Jim Morrison’s poetry writings weren’t for sale as they went to the grave with him 7 years prior.

Ray Manzarek had the gall to blast Oliver Stone’s movie on the band and portrayal of Morrison. Yet what He, Robby & John did was worst.

They were as much a lie as Danny Sugerman co-writer of “No One Gets Out Alive” who took Jerry Hopkins original manuscript (as Rothchild tells in the article) and destroyed it. He told what he wanted told truth or not.

Case and point. The remaining doors wrote music that Jim Morrison wouldn’t have wanted any part of being displayed surrounding these 3 hours of readings.

You cannot call something a masterpiece that came from a lie. The music they all made together was the only truth and only the part we heard of it was laid down on tape.

An American Prayer scatters Jim’s soul to the wind and it was an insult.


Jim Morrison_Poet



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