Sunday Synopsis ~ Dave Brubeck

Anybody can read Wiki, Time Magazine or one of a thousand articles on Dave Brubeck and give you more than outline of one fabulous career. Me, all I can do is tell you what his music personally meant to me. I did a blog the evening of his passing and I thought how incomplete. A few pictures and video’s and how I immensely enjoyed hearing him one final time in my life in 2007 at the Detroit Jazz Fest.

I loved music all my life, all genres. Blues my passion. But what I always sought for was the different sound that stood out from all the rest. Music done in different ways to capture an even more inner story of a song and that was Dave Brubeck. That’s what all his different time signatures in essence was really all about.

How to enhance and combine music to draw people into something they thought they were not or ever would be into. Jazz was around prior to Dave’s 59′ Time Out album, but a 5/4 never heard before musical time measure hadn’t and that is why Paul Desmond’s “Take Five” took them all in and the album in-which it came off became Jazz’s first million seller.

Audiences became mesmerized at something they had never heard before or how it was done.

Dave Brubeck with his classical background composed his love for jazz and laid down a new road to that magical land of oz everybody had been seeking for and when they found it they would never let go of it again. And that is why this legendary giant of jazz went onto a 70+ year career still playing until 2011. Only stopping because he didn’t want to somehow cheat the public from the standard of how he was capable of playing. Dave became ill unable to continue what he had started so many years ago.

I knew I had heard on the radio that he was to play Detroit’s Jazz fest in 2011 then when the schedule had finally came out when I didn’t see his name anywhere I wondered, had I heard wrong? And the answer is no. I just never learned why. I didn’t know that he had been stricken on the way to the Newport Jazz Festival that year he was supposed to have played with his 4 musical sons (a fith died in 09′). And that is why he cancelled Detroit and in reality ended his career of playing. His fans here only knew that they were missing another chance always knowing as well it may have been their final shot.

That is what Dave Brubeck’s music meant to the many different generations.

Because whatever your musical bag is or was, Dave’s time signatures lived on beyond what he had created in jazz. I stated on the other blog that Blind Faith’s “Do What You Like” was inspired by “Take Five” for Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Windwood and Ric Grech also adopted Dave’s 5/4 signature for the song. What drew in those people to Dave’s new profound progressive Jazz in 59′ would also captivate future musicians and make them better at it for having listened and paid enough attention to the professor who wrote it first hand.

So I guess instead of listing all of Dave Brubeck’s awards, achievements, and compositions I’ll leave you to explore Wiki, You Tube and the countless features already written that will tell you who he really was. But unless you can hear the music for yourself, the words with-in themselves could never truly describe what he was really all about.

For Dave Brubeck Defined Music and his Time will live on forever.

Thank You Sir for always being a Class Act, True Gentlemen and for never having done anything traditional. Thank God.



Blue Shadows in the Street

Composed by Dave Brubeck in 9/4 time signature.
Released May 3, 1961 from the album “Time Further Out”.

Dave Brubeck – piano
Paul Desmond – alto saxophone
Eugene Wright – bass
Joe Morello – drums


Kennedy Honors Dec. 6, 2009 with Dave’s Sons. (and watch his reaction, he couldn’t have been more prouder)


Beautiful Sweet Soul of a Man. There will never be one again like him.

Dave Brubeck 2009 Kennedy Honors



Inspired By Dave Brubeck


musical background




In remembrance of jazz pianist, composer Dave Brubeck



dave-brubeck_always a gentlemen


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