Iconic Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck Final Gig “Heaven”.


And it’s for all of eternity.

It is with great sadness learning Dave died today. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing him in 2007 at the Detroit International Jazz Festival. I had always hoped to see him there in the future again but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Seeing and hearing him in 07′ was like being in heaven for his playing never faltered one single note. He was telling the audience stories of incidents and concerts of the past, all with hilarious results. Dave had us laughing then when he started playing we witnessed a master of his art. By time he got to the last number “Take Five” we stood and ate up every single note and treasured every single moment we watched and heard from him.

Such a kind spirit about this man, God will he be missed. One by one they leave us and we realize what an honor it was to have had them at all. The music created by all four members of “Time Out” will never be repeated again. Dave Brubeck’s time measures were a first and all genres of music learned from this jazz great.

Blind Faith’s “Do What You Like” was inspired by Take Five.

Dave Brubeck taught us all well and through what he created future generations will learn indeed how brilliant and what a giant he actually was.

Dave Brubeck 2007 Detroit Jazz Festival


Dave and Gerald Wilson 2007 Detroit Jazz Fest
Brubeck_Wilson 2007 Detroit Jazz Fest





Brubeck Quartet_Time Out



Goodbye Mr. Brubeck, you will never be forgotten.


Dave Brubeck 2

Dave Brubeck


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