Dave Bing says behind President Obama he has hardest job in USA but sounding a lot like another loser, Mitt Romney.

Loose Basketballs in the brain

Yes Detroit’s Mayor bypassed the Vice President, Speaker of the House, President pro tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Acting Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Secretary of Homeland Security.

For he is the man who has the second hardest job right behind President Obama.

He also stated that Detroiters are a bunch of people who feel they deserve ENTITLEMENTS like JOBS.

It is clear Dave Bing has lost what’s left of his mind.

He’s mad because he wants to break all the unions of the biggest union city in America. And where would the automobile industry had been without them. Or any workers backs for that matter. Dave Bing about right now sounds like he’d like to own a couple of slaves at slave labor.

Another thing he is mad about is the city council who doesn’t want a law firm representing them who made headlines by helping the former chairman of his own Indian tribe rob them blind and causing them to lose one of Detroit’s three Casino’s. Greektown. The tribe sued and won a million dollar settlement. (Let’s see if the Miller Canfield can make this link disappear.)

So I wouldn’t trust them either with Detroit’s Finances. They are trying to get out of a hole not dig a deeper one.

So yesterday Bing announced on CNN that President Obama told him that outside of his Presidency, Bing had the second hardest job in America.

Well Lord Have Mercy I hope Bing doesn’t cross paths with Queen Elizabeth and she say’s something off the path to him. Because you never know what Mayor Ding Dong will say next.

He just might proclaim he is KING!


King Bing!

Too many loose basketballs running around in his brain.


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