Awe Sonny We Loved You, Detroit Icon Weatherman Sonny Eliot has died.

This man will always be the only one in my mind that represented Detroit Weather here. He’s been around since my childhood and will be very sadly missed. Still working on WWJ radio until 89 years old in 2010 when he decided to retire, Sonny was Mr. Personality. His joy and smile just spread to those who watched and heard him.

I will always remember him taking that upper peninsula thing off and then making a squeaking noise. I think for us kids it was always the highlight of the weather. For all I know it was for the adults too. Comedian & Weatherman all wrapped into one. In any event this Detroit Staple will be beyond missed.

God Speed to his family, friends, co-workers and all those who grew up with this man. You were ours Sonny, and we were yours. But you’re in good hands now with the Lord and no doubt already bringing the same joy to Heaven that you brought to us for so many years.

We were blessed to have had you and you’ll never be forgotten.







Goodbye Sonny and Thank You.



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