Saturday “Cold Rain” ~ Blues Company (Germany)

This band has been the best long running blues bands that ever came out of not only Germany but Europe. Starting in 1976 and co-founded by Todor Todorovic they’ve backed U.S. bluesmen Billy Boy Arnold, James Booker, Eddie (Cleanhead) Vinson and others for European dates. They released their first album in 1977.

Since 99′ they added some horns as in BC Horns. Though the first video states Blues Company & BC Horns. Only the members of Blues Company are actually playing. Cold Rain is just one of their own compositions. Research this band there’s a ton more.

As I’ve said a thousand times, Blues is a feeling that comes from within the soul and played out through the heart. We know where it started. I’m just glad it’s still being kept alive. And you can hear, see & feel Todorovic’s showmanship and passion.

Nobody plays the blues for 36 years without loving it.

Their dates are booked through 2014 but sadly only in Germany. They’ve got a lot more openings. How nice it would be if they came to the States and here in Detroit.

Maybe this taste will get people to request and demand their presence. God knows they have earned the right for all to know.


Todor “Toscho” Todorovic – lead guitar, vocals
Mike Titre – guitar, bass
Arnold Ogrodnik – bass, organ
Florian Schaube – drums

BC Horns

Uwe Nolopp – trumpet
Robert Kretzschmar – tenor sax

Silent Night


Band History but definitely needs some editing and updating. (Wiki, also translate page)


The Bands Bio ( Translate it to English)



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