I’m Waiting For Ted Nugent To Kill Himself.

Remember has been, suicide is painless.

You’ve got many rifles and bow an arrows you use on helpless defenseless animals. Now Make Good on your word for yourself. Loser



Promises, Promises



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3 responses to “I’m Waiting For Ted Nugent To Kill Himself.

  1. Ted had a really bad acid trip in the late ’60s, dude needs help. He may be too deranged to help now. At least he needs supervision. compassion!

  2. You are the one deranged if you honestly believe what you’ve typed out in your comment.


    Why they have this as undetermined is beyond me. I’ve got a friend who has the copy of the Creem article that basically corroborated the 1977 article from High Times.

    This little puke played my high school in the 60s before I even attended the school. Ted Nugent didn’t get high on anything and certainly never dropped acid to have any trip at all.

    He has a guilty conscience. He ‘s not a patriot nor was he ever a freak. He has always been a self serving, starved for attention little selfish asshole. It wasn’t even about the music for him, it was always solely about the money.

    He’s a fake, Nothing more, Nothing less.

  3. I have asked the same question. I wish he’d get on with it.

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