Sunday “Sad, A Little Bit” ~ Milcho Leviev Quartet with Art Pepper

Patiently waiting through a beautiful combination of a Pepper and Milcho Leviev intro then embracing its flow. But it’s at the 4:43 mark where it becomes almost hypnotizing listening to the perfect blend and beat of drums, bass and piano. Awaiting again for the sax to come and guide you back in.

That was Art Pepper’s way.

Such a magnificent talent like many who drifted away from us for periods because of inner demons. But out of them came a beauty that makes you wonder how from all that pain came such moments.

Moments that brought the pleasure they sought for in something else. It always amazes me. The why, so many took to that direction in the first place. Some survived longer then others but what they produced will always outlast time itself.

My only description of how I indulge in the passion of Music.

It’s within a world of its own.

And this Leviev composition only confirms of us our why’s we never get tired of waiting for it then diving in and staying under for as long as we can.




From the Album “Blues for the Fisherman” Recorded Live at Ronnie Scott’s London
June 27, 28, 29, 1980.
Released in UK 1980
Re-Released in US 2011 as a four CD set from Art Pepper.

Art Pepper – alto sax
Milcho Leviev – piano
Tony Dumas – bass
Carl Burnett – drums



Jazz at Perfection


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