Friday At The Fillmore ~ “At The Mountains Of Madness” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

Written by George Edwards, Dave Michaels, Tony Cavallari
Recorded May 11, 1968 at the Fillmore West.
Released in 1991

Why it ever took so long for this material to be released is beyond me. This band formed in Chicago in 1967 but soon went to the San Fran scene and fitted in perfectly with the psychedelic happening of the day. They became very quick favorites of the hippie masses and performed and toured with every major act known then.

In reality this line up only put out two albums the disbanded. H. P. Lovecraft (1967)
H. P. Lovecraft II (1968). This live Fillmore performance was songs from both studio albums.

George Edwards and Michael Tegza picked up some new players and were called just, Lovecraft producing two more albums before finally calling it quits.

None went on to any well-known groups there after but for the time they played together and the sound they fit into as bands came and went, their harmonies made them more than  a worthy group to have heard.


Jerry McGeorge is pictured among this group who played on both albums but a month before the Fillmore gig was replaced byJeffery Boyan.


George Edwards – vocals, guitar
Dave Michaels – vocals, organ
Jeffery Boyan – bass, vocals
Tony Cavallari – lead guitar, vocals
Michael Tegza – drums


Nice Jam here. “Wayfaring Stranger”



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