Thursday Throwdown ~ “Sinner Street” ~ Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers

Written by Jimmy Thackery
Released from his 8th album of the same name in 2000.

This guitarist has been blues-ing it since 1972. H was apart of the “Nighthawks” for 14 years. A Washington D.C based band he co-founded. Then went onto Jimmy Thackery and The Assassins until 1991. Then began heading – The Drivers – with Mark Stutso on drums and various bassists throughout the years.

If you never heard of this artist after all these years you have been missing out. This song is just a mere taste. Some of his more laid back slow blues numbers brings out even a better clearer defined blues player. In fact some exceptional guitar work.



Jimmy Thackery – guitar
Mark Stutso – drums
Ken Faltinson – bass, keyboards
Jimmy Carpenter – saxophone




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4 responses to “Thursday Throwdown ~ “Sinner Street” ~ Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers

  1. I saw Jimmy Thackery at the 2008 Narooma Blues Festival (in Australia) and he was great. I just posted on that Festival (“Narooma Blues Festival(2006 to 2010)”) and there’s an image of Jimmy in that post together with links to some others, if you’re interested..

  2. Absolutely Murray. I sat for 4 hours listening to just some of this man’s muse through the years. Such an unspoken blues player like many. The stuff he did with Tab Beniot was astounding.

  3. cooper

    Never heard of him before but that was awesome…heading over to iTunes right now…thanx for posting..

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