Biased Baseball Announcers as I said it would be. New York, New York, New York. OH TOO BAD Tigers Win First Game.

Hey Thanks to Valverde we gave you a chance you should have never gotten.

Doug Fister pitched a fabulous game. Yes yankees loaded bases up three innings but Fister still got out of them without allowing a run and I would have let him go all 9 innings. Thus, Enter Phil Coke who should have been allowed to finish the game but Leyland who is loved in Detroit yet makes all of us wonder at times with these moves he makes.

In my opinion you don’t pull a pitcher unless they are in trouble. Leyland pulled two. And after the Yankees tied it up the TBS announcer’s were for the first time in the game jubilant. And such disappointment when we got two runs back to re-take the lead. OH MY bring out the guns so they could commit suicide. Then Jeter’s gets hurt I thought they would need a truck load of hankies over their yankees.

No the story wasn’t that the Tigers who should have won it by shutting out this New York team yet they still fought back to win it anyway. It was all about how devastating that the yankees tied it up but couldn’t end up winning it at all.

I’m sorry Jeter broke his ankle I would rather the Tigers beat N.Y. with him than without. But I believe they have other players on their team just as we have more closers than Valverde. So suck it up, we did and we won the game. And we would have won it whether Jeter was in or out. Our runs came before he got hurt. I suppose now the story will be if only the Tigers had won it like we should (and I agree) in the ninth with the shutout win Fister deserved. But hey then all the announcers who broadcasted on TBS and yankee fans couldn’t have wet their pants when N.Y. tied it up.

Can’t have it both ways sorry to say. Things happen. But everybody already saying if New York loses the series it will be solely because Derek Jeter got hurt and that’s like saying the rest of our team are all pieces of shit. Petty damn sad.

A team is played by 9 players. Our starter pitched a hell of a game, our hitters came through. Delmon Young went 3-6 with a home run and three RBI’s, Our closing ace blew it, our hitters came through again then one yankee got hurt. That is the way the game goes.

Tigers Win 6-4 and take game one of the ALC Series. Hope the broadcast booth has plenty more hankies for their yankees because it won’t be the last time they’ll need them.



UPDATE: Oct. 15 12:45AM

Tigers Shut Out Yankees To Take Game Two. 3-0.

Yes bad call by ump nevertheless we were already up one run prior and Tigers never gave up any. So whether 3-0 or 1-0 it didn’t make a difference.


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