Saturday “Sassy” ~ Sarah Vaughan “Wave”

To me this was the most exquisite cover of this song ever done.

Some of the most ultimate singers did it from Ella Fitzgerald to Sinatra but yet even they couldn’t touch “Sassy’s” rendition. No one could.

Vaughan’s ever-changing phrasing during the notes and the lung capacity in-which how long she could hold them were absolutely mind-blowing. It sent the song completely soaring to a new level. She wasn’t called the “Divine One” (the original & only BTW) for nothing.

More like a Brilliant Vibrato Virtuoso.

Fabulous arrangement and vocals for this generation to start noticing what the definition is of Golden Pipes. Because nobody I ever listened to in my lifetime could ever match the timing, smoothness and hit those notes no matter what range, how high or low all in one single breath.

Now that is a Real Idol.



Live in Japan Volume 1


Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Recorded September 24, 1973, Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Released in 1973

Carl Shroeder – piano
John Giannelli – double bass
Jimmy Cobb – drums



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