The Class of Detroit TV News has Retired…Diana Lewis

Wednesday was her last newscast for WXYZ, but today there will be a special send off for her on the 5:00PM news. I can honestly say anybody who could have survived with Bill Bonds for so many years…lol and I say that kindly because I thought Bonds was one of the best reporters and news anchor that any city ever had. But when Diana Lewis showed up here in the D’ in 77′ they paired beautifully.

Two strong hard-working the best at what they did personalities.

One thing I was shocked at was her age of 69, (she looks more like 55) but then I don’t know why as I knew she had started her career in 1968. I guess time just flew so fast it just didn’t seem all that long ago.

She might have started in Philly where she was born & raised then made some rounds before coming here, but a DETROITER she became then, now and forever. She has never shown anything but Class here and will always be remembered for having that gigantic heart of hers. Some news anchors just report news, Lewis felt the stories she was reading and telling us about and that got her involved with so many worthwhile endeavors.

She not only became apart of Detroit but of all who watched her on a daily basis. She reported the news with passion, laughter and love.

She gained fans fast, kept them and with her now actually leaving will literally leave us with a broken heart. Her daily presence will be missed but I hope and pray she enjoys each and every single day of her retirement. I doubt we’ve seen the last of her and that’s a good thing. But then we can always view a lot of her through her daughter Glenda that seems to be filling Momma’s shoes very befittingly, with the same professionalism and kindness.

We honor Diana with the utmost of Respect & Gratitute.

May this be a wonderous brand new beginning and journey for Diana in her retirement. After 44 years in the news business she has more than earned & deserved it.

Enjoy yourself grand lady, we will all miss you.

With Love,





Photo Gallary


“Left With A Broken Heart” 1964

Four Tops & The Funk Brothers


Epitome of Journalism & Class.

Thank You and God Bless.


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