Motown Monday ~ Detroit Blues with Willie D. Warren, Jim McCarty & Mystery Train

Soup Kitchen Feb. 2, 1999

Our own slice of Blues Heaven in Detroit sadly now just a memory.

Willie D. might of came from Mississippi Delta country but ended up moving to Detroit in the early 1970s and we were lucky to have him. This man’s journey started in the 40s teaching his band’s singer Guitar Slim to play guitar. From his birth town of Arkansas to Chi town, this self-taught guitarist and bassist played among the best. His career concluded with Detroit’s Jim McCarty & Mystery Train as his backing band.

Jim McCarty in his own right had his beginnings right here with Mitch Ryder as a Detroit Wheel, then on to Cactus, Buddy Miles, The Rockets, Detroit Blues Band.

Also recorded with Jimi Hendrix & Bob Segar.

And one can not say enough about The Soup Kitchen. Here from 1883 to 1999, shut down because of a riverfront casino that never happened. A crying damn shame. It was home to John Lee Hooker and every other blues player in and out of Detroit.



Hootchie Coochie Man
Written by Willie Dixon

Willie D. Warren – guitar, lead vocal
Jim McCarty – guitar
Rick Stel – bass
Kenny Welk – harp
Will Leonard – drums





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2 responses to “Motown Monday ~ Detroit Blues with Willie D. Warren, Jim McCarty & Mystery Train

  1. McCarty remains one of the most overlooked blues/rock guitar players. Great clip. I spent some time in Detroit in the 90’s – wish I heard about the Soup Kitchen…

  2. It is one very much missed Detroit Landmark.

    We had another blues venue in Dearborn I used to go to all the time. Tenny Road House. You would hear better blues on open mic night on Monday nights than some would hear on a national stage. They also booked every well known (and some that weren’t so known but should of been) blues players.

    Willie D. died the following year after this performance and McCarty still going strong.

    Coop I don’t know how you could of not been turned on to The Soup Kitchen while here in the Motor City. Man talking about hanging with the wrong crowd. LOL

    We had it good here in the past, only hope it gets better in the future then it is now. People deserve to get a taste of what started it all. Blues…
    And the finest at that.

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