Wednesday’s Worse ~ “Don’t Want You No More / It’s Not My Cross to Bear” ~ The Allman Brothers Band

Every once and awhile I have to post this song. It was among my introduction to the BLUES. And The ABB was my favorite band. The blues were their foundation but they put their own twist to it that out did some of the innovators of the genre.

This off their first self entitled album released in 1969, there would be not one bad song on the album. More infamous for “Whipping Post” but by 1971 “Dreams” filled my headphones almost nightly in the wee hours. Along with “Trouble No More”, but it was the intro into It’s Not My Cross To Bear and the way in-which they played it Don’t Want You No More that struck the chord of the very essence of the blues into our souls.

Both Duanne Allman & Dickey Betts just grinded out of those guitars where they conveyed it from to those who listened, with their hearts. The entire band just connected. Barry Oakley’s bass and Butch Trucks & Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson two sets of drums with Greg’s organ and bred and born for the blues soulful vocals.

What more else could you ask for.




Don’t Want You No More
Written by Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin.

It’s Not My Cross to Bear
Written by Greg Allman.



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