Sunday Salsa ~ “Bésame Mama” ~ Poncho Sanchez and his Latin Jazz Band featuring Terence Blanchard

I only wish I could have presented this as done at the Detroit Jazz Fest last weekend. This number smoked them all and was definitely an even better performance of the this song. The blazing trumpets riffing off each other in classic Jazz Style form.

At first I proclaimed that they should have been on the Carhartt Stage but then sitting there in an excellent spot and close enough to see all the members faces I said naw, this is better!

Up close right by the river’s edge. It was a beautiful night. Had just ate some slow’s bar-b-que ribs prior to this show, I was set. LOL

For the most part I was in seventh heaven within my own little world with a band of talents going full blast in my brain. Something to take your mind for a perfect ride and Pancho, his entire band and Blanchard doing the driving.

David Torres piano shined, Ron Blake was dynamic with Blanchard in their jam off. Everyone hot on stage and from where the audience was sitting. Hopefully somebody recorded it and will post it on YT. For now we’ll have to settle for N.O.’s jazz fest rendition.

But believe it or not Detroit’s was on even more FIRE!


Poncho Sanchez – vocals, congas, percussion
Francisco Torres – vocals, trombone
Ron Francis Blake – trumpet
Rob Hardt – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Terence Blanchard – trumpet
Tony Banda – bass, vocals
David Torres – piano
George Ortiz – timbales
Joey De Leon Jr. – drums, bongos, percussion




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