Stevie Ray Vaughn 22 Years Gone, Never Forgotten


It’s hard to believe it’s been this long since we lost this gigantic talent. But I will never forget exactly when and where I was when I flipped on the car stereo after work and heard the news that he had died the night before in a helicopter crash after a concert. I can only imagine what the people who were apart of the audience that night thought when the man they had just watched and heard had perished soon after.

Personally I was in 7th heaven when I saw SRV & Double Trouble in 1987 at the Royal Oak Music Theater in Michigan.

On Aug. 27th, 1990 I sat stunned as I listened to the homage being played on WDET and when the song Rivera Paradise was over then a voice came on and said you are listening to the late SRV.

To this day as beautiful as that song is I can barely stand to hear it because I will always associate it with hearing about his death. I think every single blues lover felt like a piece of them also died that day, that is how much this guitar great was respected and how deeply his music touched us.

It was his passion to make it so we could enjoy his undying talent. Therefore he is more than alive and still very much with us. 22 years gone in body but…

SRV Blues Spirit Forever…

Scuttle Buttin’
Say What!
Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love
Pride And Joy
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Cold Shot(with Johnny Copeland)
Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town)(with Johnny Copeland)
Look At Little Sister(with Johnny Copeland)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Texas Flood
SRV Talking From Stage
Life Without You
Gone Home
Couldn’t Stand The Weather

Live From Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel BOOTLEG
Recorded live in Providence, RI on November 24th, 1979

True Love Is Gone
I’m Cryin’
So Excited (Intro Theme For Lo
I’ll Change
Sugar Coated Love
Natural Born Lover
Hip Hip Baby
Texas Blues – 5:24
The Sky Is Crying
Love Struck Baby
May I Have A Talk With You
Don’t Lose Your Good Thing
My Baby’s Gone
Chitlin’s Con Carne
Closing Time Tune

Double Trouble

Tommy Shannon – bass
Chris Layton – drums

Added in 85′

Reese Wynans – piano, organ

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