Michael Phelps Dream Is Complete.

4 years ago I sat screaming at the TV every race he was in during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

I recognized from his first race in these he was actually human. I say that with a big compliment.

But I also knew before the London Olympics started he would be the most decorated olympian of all time. It was virtually impossible that it wouldn’t happen. And I have a feeling he’s not through at 19 medals.

I actually heard some people (jealously no doubt) make comments that they had hoped he wouldn’t win any medals this time around because of the episode surrounding another jealous individual who sold a picture of him partying after the last games. As if all had never smoked pot before in their lives. He wasn’t smoking it when he won all his medals in Beijing. Nor did he smoke it in front of any young children.

Imagine if their were camera’s in all of our houses, cars, offices, etc… or people taking snapshots of us everywhere we went.

I thought it was a bunch (as the English would say) rubbish when the story and picture hit the news air waves then. I smoked the stuff too when 14-16, should I be condemned for the rest of my life for it?

Michael Phelps from a young boy had a dream of becoming not only the the best swimmer of any Olympics but the best Olympian ever. He trained and worked as hard as anyone and has earned what he has won and accomplished. Those who wished anything else for him need to get some self esteem. The nobody who sold that picture to the tabloids is still a nobody, in fact does anybody know who his/her name is?

We sure as hell know who Michael Phelps is and the history books will forever have his name etched in stone. And Deservedly.

Get #20, 21 & 22 Michael, you’ve got a billion rooting for you.

You make us all proud to be AMERICAN.

Mose Decorated Olympian of all time. Congratulations!



And Congratulations to Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte and Ricky Berens for helping you get there. Gold For All!


You now are the Highest Michael so Enjoy It Baby!!!


“With A Little Help From My Friends”

Written By John Lennon & Paul McCartney as “A Little Help from My Friends” in 1967.
Released by Joe Cocker in 1968 from entitled same album and did it infamously at Woodstock 1969.



Edited Aug. 3, 7:00AM

Phelps picked up #20 with Gold Thursday.


Edited Aug. 5, 5:30AM

# 21 Gold Friday
# 22 Gold Saturday

Way to go Michael!



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