Motown Monday ~ “My Baby Loves Me “

Written by William “Mickey” Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter
Released under Martha Reeves & the Vandellas Jan. 4, 1966

This was one of my favorites from this group yet sadly not one of the Vandellas were on the record. The Andantes (Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow and Louvain Demps) did the female backing vocals and the male backing vocals were none other than my favorite guys, The Four Tops.

Aside of co-writing, Ivy Jo Hunter also played the piano on this particular song and it was more than magical. His intro carried the song throughout along with Jamerson’s bass and the thumping drums of Benny Benjamin. This was the Classic “Snake Pit” Funk Brothers “Motown” Sound.

Detroit could never get enough of it, nor could the rest of the world.


Martha Reeves – lead vocal
The Andantes & The Four Tops – backing vocals
The Funk Brothers & The Detroit Symphony Orchestra – instrumentation




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