I’ll Have Another “Wont”.

…another race anyway.

Actually the injury the horse sustained could have caused him to blow a suspensory and depending how severe, it could have literally ended his life. So I commend the owner to decide just to retire him rather than brining him back to race again altogether. Hey he had a horse that won the first two races to the triple crown.

As they stated the horse owed them nothing. I honestly wish all who were in this business thought this way. Some horses run their hearts out as long as they can until they either break down and die or their owners then starve them to death or send them to slaughter. For some these beautiful animals are nothing more than strictly a business.

Thanks God there are more that see them for what they are. Noble loyal gentle giants with the biggest of hearts. And all deserve to be treated with love, food, water and then the freedom to live out the rest of their lives with some pleasure.

As bad as I and millions more like me that looked with great anticipation to Saturday’s Belmont hoping and praying we would actually see “I’ll Have Another” win the last leg of the triple jewel and be the next horse to be crowned. Personally I would rather have him safe and alive.

I don’t know exactly what went wrong and how this injury occurred, it was only about 10 days ago that a collision on the track during a morning workout almost occurred with a loose horse. Who knows he might have had to have his brakes put on abruptly to avoid complete disaster. It doesn’t take much to throw some part of the legs off if slightly jolted if only for a brief moment. And then with the next workout showed up.

But what ever it was if his tendon had to act up or swell, better to have had it prior to a mile and a half race where he would be running full force. It could have ended in an outcome that would have had all of us heart-broken and crying in my more ways then just a disappointment because of a loss of a race.

He alive and that is the most important part to me. This is a part of the game unfortunately in any sport. But in most cases injuries in people don’t result in the ending of their lives. With horses if they break down their career isn’t just over, their lives are.

I’ll Have Another won two of the most prestigious races outside of the Breeders Cup. He will always remain a Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner. Of course we’ll always wonder if he could have captured it all if this hadn’t happened. But we’ll also always know that there is always a tomorrow where a horse who may have been just born this spring or last who will indeed be in the same spot and get a shot at it all in the future soon enough.

And as far as having him lead in the Belmont Stakes post parade for the fans. I don’t believe it’s fair to the horse.

Horses are not stupid animals they were born to run. This appearance could have occurred between the races as a solo goodbye. To lead the post parade with all of the other horses but then not getting to go to post I believe with all my heart will be a disappointment to a horse who knows he is supposed to be loaded into the gate and then do what they do, RUN.

And even though the vet has said it won’t hurt him, maybe not physically but him out there with all the rest of the horses to me isn’t fair on this grand champion. That horse will be thinking, Hey what about me? You forgot something.

I have always looked into these horses or any animals eyes for that matter and have always wondered what are they thinking?

They could have picked a day for the fans to pay homage like they did with Zenyatta.

As far as Jockey Mario Gutierrez goes he also has to devastated from a standpoint that he could have ridden a great horse to the honor that both deserve, but at his young age has shown nothing but class and showing the knowledge by stating if the horse is hurt he can’t run.

Nobody wants to see a horse die for a race. Not even over a chance at history. Something tells me this young jock has a grand career of his own to look forward to. Many more years and horses to ride that he’ll get a chance at another, I’ll Have Another”.

Saturday hopefully this Derby & Preakness winner will take his deserved bows and be back in his stall before the race even gets off.

Enjoy your retirement baby, you’ve earned it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your upcoming dates as a stud.

Live a long grand life Champ.



Many good days to come.



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