Saturday Night Soul ( Blue Eyed Style ) ~ The Righteous Brothers

It’s hard to believe out of all the hits that this duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield had only two singles reached #1 just twice on the US billboard 100 and once in the UK. The 1964 hit “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is still the most played record in radio history. And crossing over to the #2 spot on the R&B charts set them in stone as the kings of Blue Eyed Soul.

But when “(You’re My) Soul And Inspiration” came out in 1966 and blazed to the #1 spot on the US chart for three weeks there was no looking back. The Righteous Brothers were the act everybody wanted and couldn’t wait to hear what they would record next. This song would always be my ultimate favorite from them. Singing off each other, the harmonies and simply the vibes between them as they sung it.

Funny I remember being just 6 years-old when “Little Latin Lupe Lu” came out in 63′ and loved it. To me they were stars already with this one. Hey Man I had taste young! LOL

Not hard to do with the flood of records coming out of the early, mid 1960s with groups from everywhere. Whether it was Pop, Rock-n-Roll or R&B. We ate it all up, from Phil Spector’s wall of sound to Motown, the British Invasion and back. And the music making machines were completely endless back then and made for one heavenly time for coming up from our very young youths through adolescence. We literally had it all.

And even though other songs that also charted in the top ten but weren’t so raved about as much as the ones mentioned and their rendition of “Unchained Melody” which actually was a B-Side, I had other favorites that had powerful memories attached to them and still do.

1963: “Little Latin Lupe Lu” — #49 U.S.
1965: “Just Once in My Life” — #9 U.S.
1965: “Hung on You” — #47 U.S
1966: “Things Didn’t Go Your Way”

Bill Medley’s beautiful soulful baritone bass on these songs and Bobby Hatfield’s wide range of his high tenor gave the harmonies that nobody else could ever match. Even their renditions of others records hit dead on. They were pure magic and what has made them timeless classics.




And they could Blues it as good as any. (just ignore the video’s movie clip intro)

“Things Didn’t Go Your Way” – (B side to Go Ahead and Cry)
Written by Bobby Hatfield

As far as I’m concerned they should of all been smashes and hit #1.


When Music Meant Something and gave us unforgettable memories.




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2 responses to “Saturday Night Soul ( Blue Eyed Style ) ~ The Righteous Brothers

  1. Oh, why do you keep reminding me of all the great music I haven’t heard in far too long? Off to buy another CD, dang it!

  2. Because it is just too damn good to forget!

    I have the deepest of sympathy to this generation. They wouldn’t know REAL MUSIC or SINGERS if it ran them down a million miles an hour.

    Just don’t forget to save some dough for food Diane! LOL

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