The Brutal Unnecessary Murder of Jonathan Hoffman

This grandmother Sandra Layne didn’t shoot her grandson once or even twice. She shot him eight times. Even after trying to get away from this whack job to call 911 and while talking to the dispatchers she continued shooting him.

According to the Detroit Free Press.

For three minutes, 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman pleaded for help. He told a 911 dispatcher he’d been shot in the chest by his grandmother and was about to die.

Then, he screamed out, saying he’d been shot again.

And this woman’s defense lawyer Jerome Sabbota is saying this may be JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE?

How so?

As far as I’m concerned she planned this poor kids murder when she made the decision to buy the gun in the first place. Sorry people, but just because this teen got busted for marijuana and they some verbal arguments just doesn’t add up to all this paranoia of hers.

Damn she should have been a parent of a teen in the late 1960s & early 70s. For pot you felt the need to defend yourself?

Number one this is a mellowing drug that in all honesty makes you laugh at anything and everything it doesn’t make you aggressive.

And the police will always take an adults side before a teen. Period. Their report of he poses a danger to others was for what reason? Do they even know?

I don’t know I grew up in a house where a particular parent argued and fought with everybody. Their own immediate family, their in-laws, the neighbors and it was them that posed the threat.

Sandra Layne told her husband to go walk the dog, minutes later she was emptying her gun jacket on this 17 year-old. Was he beating her, assaulting her in some way. No he wasn’t. She shot him because in March some other teen while high on something beat his own family with baseball bats and she became frightened at that point that her grand son would do that to her and her husband. Funny we haven’t heard a peep out of him. Where is he on all this or is he hen-pecked by this wacko wife of his.

When you say IN MY MIND I was afraid that my grandson would baseball bat to death me is YOUR PARANOIA, but fear is not a reality.

Unless Jonathan Hoffman literally at least once pronounced I’m going to kill you, this grandmother had no right what so ever to shoot until dead this teen. And kept on shooting. Even after he called for help. This woman wanted this kid dead period. There is not justification for what she did. She is just a plain BITCH.

Yeah honey go walk the dog so I can shoot our grandson to death. If Hoffman was beating her the grandfather wouldn’t have just went and walked the dog. He himself would have been calling 911 and said my grandson is assaulting my wife, but that did not happen because all it was, was an argument. We had plenty of heated ones when I was growing up and never was it about anybody getting busted for pot or for any drug.

When I was coming up during the 60s parents didn’t need permission to beat or scream at you. And we learned the swearing from Mom & Dad. But nobody went and purchased guns, Thank God. Us kids would have all been dead and for no reason other than the parents felt like it and not because we actually did anything wrong.

Excerpt from Free Press:

Detective Brad Boulet testified and described the 911 call:

“The subject stated that his gramma had just shot him in the chest and that he was going to die and he pleaded for help. At approximately the three-minute mark of the 911 call, the subject screamed and exclaimed he had just been shot again.”

This woman wasn’t afraid of her grandson, she was determined to brutally murder him and she succeeded. He posed no threat. And now is trying to portray herself as the victim and her defense lawyer has the audacity to say it may be justifiable homicide. Can you spell SHYSTER?

And what in the hell is wrong with the parents of Hoffman??? His Dad a prominent Metro/Detroit lawyer. He was shot to death on Friday May 18th, neither parents bothered to show up until the day of his funeral FOUR DAYS later. The mother looked like she also lives in La-La land. Neither parents seemed all that upset. No tears, no nothing, like all of it wasn’t much of a big deal. To me this demonstrates the entire family is dysfunctional. The mother just sat on TV being interviewed as if almost laughing. Like mother like daughter. This poor kid.

I have seen many stories in the news about unruly little brats abusing their parents and others that seemed like they deserved a good ass kicking. But just that: AN ASS KICKING. Not be shot multiple times over and over again.

I could have seen it if he had been striking her, but it was just an argument.

Again while on the phone with 911 pleading for help she shoots him again.

This is FIRST DEGREE MURDER. This woman couldn’t even say why she was scared because in reality she wasn’t nor had ever been. She planned to murder this teen plain and simple and made sure her husband left so she couldn’t be stopped.

Murdering over marijuana.

Entire Det. Free Press Article:

By Tammy Stables Battaglia
Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

For three minutes, 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman pleaded for help. He told a 911 dispatcher he’d been shot in the chest by his grandmother and was about to die.

Then, he screamed out, saying he’d been shot again.

As officers arrived at the West Bloomfield condo Friday, they heard several more gunshots, Detective Brad Boulet testified Monday in 48th District Court in Bloomfield Township.

Hoffman’s grandmother, 74-year-old Sandra Layne, came to the front door with a .40-caliber Glock handgun in her right hand.

“While walking toward the officers, Ms. Layne exclaimed that she had just murdered her grandson,” Boulet said.

Layne was arraigned Monday on an open murder charge.

The former schoolteacher, mother of five and grandmother of nine looked down in court as the detective described finding Hoffman unresponsive upstairs with eight bullet entrance and exit wounds. The Farmington Central High School senior later died at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, with two bullets still left in his body, according to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Boulet also described the 911 call: “The subject stated that his gramma had just shot him in the chest and that he was going to die and he pleaded for help. At approximately the three-minute mark of the 911 call, the subject screamed and exclaimed he had just been shot again.”

Judge Marc Barron ordered Layne, the victim’s maternal grandmother, held without bond. Her husband and other family members came to the hearing Monday but declined to comment afterward.

As his family prepares to bury the fun-loving, friendly boy who could build a computer from scratch, they are still in shock, said his aunt, Judy Metzger, 52, of Farmington Hills.

“He was murdered in cold blood — he was executed,” she told the Free Press from her home Monday afternoon. “It’s senseless.”

Metzger, sister of Hoffman’s father, said the teen had just been accepted to Eastern Michigan University after convincing his parents to let him stay in Michigan to finish his senior year after they moved to Arizona.

“He said, ‘I’ll be with gramma. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me, I’m with gramma,’ ” Metzger said.

His mother, Jennifer Hoffman, traveled back to the area monthly to spend time with her son and talked to her mother daily, Metzger said.

Neither Jennifer Hoffman nor Jonathan’s father, prominent attorney Michael Hoffman, the co-founder of the Southfield-based law firm ADAM — American Divorce Association for Men, realized there might be issues, Metzger said.

“Obviously if they did, he wouldn’t be in that environment,” Metzger said. “We obviously don’t know what (prompted) this woman, who purchased the gun 30 days ahead of time — a shoot-to-kill weapon. Obviously, the issue lies with her mental facilities. He was just a kid being a kid. Applying and getting summer jobs. He was just getting ready to go to the movies. Of course we don’t understand.”

Jonathan Hoffman was living with his grandparents at Maple Place Villas, a secluded condo community that is manned by a security guard and gates. In March, police responded to a call at the condo, which authorities described as an argument between Hoffman and Layne that didn’t require further police action.

Despite that, Metzger said Hoffman and his grandmother seemed to get along, which makes the shooting so hard to understand.

“She loved her grandchildren,” Metzger said. “They were close when he was a child.”

Assistant Prosecutor Jason Pernick said there’s a question of whether Layne is competent to stand trial. He did not offer specifics.

Her lawyer, Mitch Ribitwer, said she worked as a schoolteacher in California before moving to West Bloomfield 30 years ago. He said she has been married for 28 years.

Ribitwer declined to comment when asked what led to the shooting. Ribitwer’s law partner, Jerome Sabbota, said Saturday that Layne fired the gun because “she was afraid.”

“She’s never been in trouble before,” Ribitwer said outside the courtroom. “(She’s) very distraught, very upset. It’s a very difficult time.”

Aside from her initial exclamations outside her home Friday, Layne has not talked to investigators about the death of her grandson, West Bloomfield Police Lt. Tim Diamond said Monday. She did not explain to investigators what made her afraid, Diamond said.

Metzger said her nephew was well-liked, funny and a computer genius whom others in the family called for help.

“He’d build them, order the parts and put them together,” she said. “Ever since he was a little boy, he would talk in computer talk. He’s the one the family would call at 10 years old to come fix our viruses.”

Hoffman’s funeral is at 11 a.m. today at the Ira Kaufman Chapel in Southfield.

Layne is next scheduled to appear Thursday for a preliminary hearing. She faces up to life in prison if convicted.


And this is exactly where she belongs in prison for life or whats left of it. She got 74 years on this earth thus far, she murdered a grandson who only gained 17 years. In realty I believe in the death penalty. Personally I’d fry her ass.


A Smug look of I did as I pleased after all I plead 74 and fragile.

Smiling with her attorney.


About to graduate from high school and had already been accepted to Eastern Michigan University.

Completely disheartening. What right did this son of a bitch have to end this teens life. If he was physically attacking her, one shot could have stopped it. But 8 shots? And while on phone begging for help, shot again?


No better than a thug on the street. She got her eggs in a row. It’s called premeditated MURDER.

WTF was she smoking?


You deserved so much more out of this life, may you be in a better place then you left.



EDITED March 20, 2013 11:57am

Yesterday Tues. March 19 Sandra Layne was found guilty of second degree murder. In my opinion it should have been First degree murder. She knew what she was going to do when she sent her husband out to take the dog for a walk. During his testimony he had the answer right when asked by the prosecution if an argument ensued that day between his wife and the grandson and he answered NO.

But when the defense cross-examined him the following day they must have told him that’s not what you were suppose to have said and then he changed the answer to he’d made a mistake, they had argued.

No Mr. Layne you had it right the first time. You told the truth the first time. The man is 87 years old, I personally feel sorry for him. His whole world has been blown a part. But I wonder how long through this marriage to this women to what extent he had to endure, his fault.

Well too late now for all. They’ve lived their lives. Jonathan Hoffman only got to see 17 years of it. But it was premeditated murder not second degree. Hopefully she’ll die in prison, the f’n monster.


Edited April 18, 2013

Well the Son Of A Bitch got what she deserved as far as the law. Basically life in prison, reality 20-40 years. Standing there and crying oh please I don’t want to die in jail, oh oh oh I know I made a mistake, they dumped him on me, oh oh oh please, please, please.

I felt like I was watching Helen Hayes character in the movie Airport, when they told her to go back to her seat crying and play out an act of hysterics. That’s all Sandra Layne did, ACT.

Thank God everybody saw through this whacko’s story. All I can say is all that pleading and whimpering, a farce of crocodile tears begging for leniency. Now you know what your poor grandson felt like you piece of human shit. Only he was begging for his life, he begged for the continuance of his life.

That 17 died having been shot at 10 times with 6 bullets hitting him, twice in the back even while on the phone with EMS begging them to save his life still this monster kept shooting him again and again.

Hope she rots in f’n hell after she dies in prison. She lucked out, it should have been 1st degree murder and we should have the death penalty. Jonathon Hoffman went to his grave while his grandmother still gets to breath. I cannot say I feel justice was served but I thank the judge that she made sure that this old bitch will never see the outside world again.



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3 responses to “The Brutal Unnecessary Murder of Jonathan Hoffman

  1. so very sad…all the way around….

  2. Reading your article, I tend to agree with you on Sandra Layne’s state of mind, but I think you are being unfairly critical of the parents that were tied up taking care of their daughter in the hospital the month prior to this, perhaps their lack of emotion is pure shock, a potentially terminal daughter, a dead son, the loss of their marriage, trying to reconcile love and anger toward for a granmother that took your child…seems like a lot to handle, to me. They are in shock, this is a perfect storm, a loss of nearly everthing they hold dear in a short period of time.

  3. No not being unfair Marc.

    Your son is shot dead and neither show up until the day of the funeral? 4 Days Later?


    Whether the daughter was in the hospital a month prior or not. The Dad’s version, (a prominent lawyer mind you) of THEIR story of why neither bothered to immediately come back to Mi. upon hearing the news of this poor kid being shot to death to me is totally INEXCUSABLE.

    One or the other could of gotten back here. The daughter still would of had a parent with her. And I don’t know where you got POTENTIAL terminal. The daughter was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor. I’m not downplaying the child’s sickness. But the word potential? is another excuse.

    No free pass given here and not buying the Dad’s bull. It is what it is. He gave this interview after everyone vocalized the same as me. 4 Days. Son is dead and nobody bothers to come until the day of the funeral. Full of excuse, full of shit. Same difference.

    Now Grandma is crying for the news media. She planned this kids murder and his parents being interviwed didn’t show shock, it showed lack of compassion as if it was nothing. Both of them.

    F’ this whole family.

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