Friday 4 Way Street CSNY Memorial Day Weekend ~ Honor Our Fallon Soldiers

Recorded at The Fillmore East – New York – June 2–June 7 1970
The Chicago Auditorium – Chicago – July 5, 1970
The Forum – Los Angeles – June 26–June 28, 1970.

Released April 7, 1971

1971 Billboard 200 Pop Albums #1

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young wrote the soundtrack to my adolescence, the compositions are prolific and timeless examples of the 1960s.

Nam, Ideals, Heartbreak, Protests, Change, Innocence, Revolt, Disappointments and Carrying On.

Let the last song on this list remind you of why this is called Memorial Day. It’s not for celebration, it is for Remembrance. And all who served, fought and died deserve our undying respect for the wars they had to fight for our right to still exist. And to the wars that were fought and continue to be because of misleading lies.

Protest government not troops. We must be better than those that keep repeating past mistakes. It is our duty to right the wrongs of whom we blame.

I Thank our troops and cry for those that have been lost.

WWII (Dad, Uncles)
Vietnam (Cousins & Friends)
Iraq (second Cousin)

I honor you, I honor the memories and pray for the rest to return to our soil safe.

No one has ever been or will be forgotten.

Reflect and have a peaceful weekend and day.



David Crosby – vocals, guitar
Stephen Stills – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Graham Nash – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuels – bass
Johnny Barbata – drums

LP side one

1.”Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” (Stephen Stills)
2.”On the Way Home” (Neil Young)
3.”Teach Your Children” (Graham Nash)
4.”Triad” (David Crosby)
5.”The Lee Shore” (Crosby)
6.”Chicago” (Nash)

LP side two

1.”Right Between the Eyes” (Nash)
2.”Cowgirl in the Sand” (Young)
3.”Don’t Let It Bring You Down” (Young)
4.”49 Bye-Byes”/”For What It’s Worth”/”America’s Children” (Stills) 5.”Love the One You’re With” (Stills)

LP side three

1.”Pre-Road Downs” (Nash)
2.”Long Time Gone” (Crosby)
3.”Southern Man” (Young)

LP side four

1.”Ohio” (Young)
2.”Carry On” (Stills)
3.”Find the Cost of Freedom” (Stills)



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One response to “Friday 4 Way Street CSNY Memorial Day Weekend ~ Honor Our Fallon Soldiers

  1. Love CSN&Y! Nice reminder of the meaning of your Memorial Day – have a good weekend.

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