I’ll Have Another ..and Another ..and Hopefully One More.

In my own fanatical horse racing fashion I stood up as I screamed at the TV ~ Go, Go, Go…Catch Him. Saturday’s Preakness was as exciting as they come, last time I stood shouting at the top of my lungs watching a race was for Zenyatta. Yesterday didn’t disappoint, yet I’ve got to admit I honestly didn’t think this race was going to be another straight out set up of the Derby between these same horses, but I don’t know why.

I guess over the years after being in this business since 76′ we all have seen plenty of unexpected surprises and how it can all change in dramatic fashion with a virtual unknown that comes from out of the blue. In the Kentucky Derby I was yelling for Bode because I thought the horse ran an absolutely beautiful performance in the Santa Anita Derby, also because of the fact that Bob Baffert had just had a recent heart attack and wanted to see him win it.

Nevertheless those of us who have been in this crazy business were or are there simply because we love both the horses and the sport and all of us deep down watch and hope every year we’ll witness another Triple Crown winner. Hell we dream about it even when we don’t have anything to do with, know or are apart of the players involved. You just have to be a Horsemen/Woman and a true devout fan of horse racing to comprehend the excitement of it all.

Entertainers strive for an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or a Tony. Horse people strive for the Derby, Preakness and the Belmont trophy’s. We are a nationwide tribe of our own.

Thoroughbred Racing ~ there is nothing like it.

So Saturday I yelled at the top of my lungs for a horse that won the Derby, because I know if he won the Preakness too that dream of a Triple Crown Winner is just three weeks away.

It was tough watching Bodemeister get beat in the Derby with just yards to go and in reality he ran his heart out in the Preakness just losing by a few strides. But we now have in place the trifecta of them all.

And the third race will be a test of its own and the toughest to win at a mile and a half.

Bode won’t have to get beat again by I’ll Have Another at the Belmont, but out there tonight there are other trainers, owners and horses that are going to do their best to show they’ve got a horse too that can beat the 2012 KY Derby and Preakness winner. As for the rest of us, we’ll be hoping and praying that I’ll Have Another gets just one more to complete Horse Racing’s most sought after grand prize of them all.

The Triple Crown

It’s been 34 years since the last horse achieved it, Affirmed.

Hell I’m ready for a new one to be crowned on June 9th and I won’t be alone. I’ll have millions of company.

Congrats to I’ll Have Another on the second leg, now go and get that third and last one BABY!







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