Wednesday All Out ~ “All Your Love (I Miss Loving)” ~ Otis Rush and Eric Clapton

Written by Otis Rush & Produced by Willie Dixon
Originally recorded in 1958

This Live Version is from Otis Rush’s 1986 concert “Live At Montreux” Otis Rush & Friends and was released in a DVD 2006. Luther Allison would also be featured along with Clapton.

Clapton recorded this jam when he was with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers in 1966 ( also posted ). Their rendition as would be expected was great as well.

This type of sultrier blues is what I fell in love with and this number with its drum beat like a pounding slow rumba then the changes into an exploding faster jam then back again to me was a Blues Heaven.

But then I consider all Blues a Bliss. All I know is this was one of Rush’s best.



Otis Rush – guitar, vocals
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Luther Allison – guitar
Professor Eddie Lusk – keyboards
Anthony Palmer – guitar
Fred Barnes – bass
Eddie Turner – drums




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