Motown Monday ~ “Left With A Broken Heart” ~ Four Tops

How I pray we could bring back these days. This sound, the mood……Man the chills it still gives hearing it.

Early Motown that we in Detroit got to hear first, live first and will always remain into our heart and souls. It almost leaves you with a broken heart because you miss those who created the art with now only the memories that we’re left with. Oh but what memories….. The sheer beauty and innocence of it all.



Written by Marv Johnson
Released off the very first Four Tops Album 1964

Levi Stubbs – lead vocals
Renaldo Benson – vocals
Abdul Fakir – vocals
Lawrence Payton – keyboard, vocals
The Funk Brothers – Instrumentation






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3 responses to “Motown Monday ~ “Left With A Broken Heart” ~ Four Tops

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  2. A’nt no music like Motown,and there never will be.I was there in the 60s & 70s.

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