I’ll Have Another…I Bet You Will and Congrats to Jockey Mario Gutierrez on Kentucky Derby Win

This jock from Mexico and Hastings Race Course from Vancouver/Canada where he has ridden getting a shot in the dark of his young career and turning it into big bright neon lights. Just 25 years old Gutierrez managed to give a perfectly executed ride in the 138th K.Y. Derby and came out the victor and doing it from the 19 hole.

Absolutely beautiful. He positioned his horse after leaving the gate in a great shape. And “I’ll Have Another” seem to respond with everything Gutierrez asked of him.

I’ve got to admit I was shouting for Bode for Baffert after his recent heart attack, besides I thought the horse ran a beautiful race in the Arkansas Derby. But I would have liked to seen him rated a little bit better instead of the free rein given by jockey Mike Smith. I know that’s how he won previously wire to wire but I would have liked a tighter hold to slow the fractions down a bit.

In the K.Y. Derby you want something left at the end and this horse had given his all a little bit too early. It was tough seeing him get passed with just less than 70 yards to go but that’s horse racing. As with any sport there has to be a winner and because of that fact there has to be others who have to lose. Yet second place is nothing to be ashamed of in this prestigious race. Nothing to hang anyone’s head down about certainly not the horse. He did give it his all.

And I was feeling nothing but joy for the jockey from a small little track from Canada, he certainly didn’t ride small time. He rode like a true pro and his tears showed the pride he had for himself and the sport. I doubt this win has really hit him yet. You live in the moment but sometimes the moment consumes you to the point it doesn’t even feel real. But to the owners, trainer and the jock you did win the most prestigious race of the year today.

Give that horse some extra carrots and apples and a lot of love. Because in reality I’ll Have Another is the star of the show along with all those who are his care takers as in the groom, exercise rider, blacksmith, etc…

All can take joy that all of them contributed to this win today…… now it’s on to the Preakness. But take some time to let your win today sink in and enjoy. I’m sure they’ll be more than doughnuts awaiting you Sunday morning and for the rest of the backside in the days to come.

I can still remember when hometown horse Beau Genius won the 1990 Michigan Mile at the Detroit Race Course and the party on the backside the hometown trainer threw that went on after the race and through the next day. One sweet ride!

I’m sure Doug O’Neill will throw his own mighty party.







The Star of the Day – I’ll Have Another with his Groom Cesai Atilano.


OH, and throw in Another Cookie with those goodies for I’ll Have Another Mr. & Mrs. Reddam!


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