Sunday Smooth Soul’ ~ “Stay In My Corner” ~ The Dells

Outside of Detroit’s own Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops, Marvin Junior’s almost as smooth baritone vocals made this 1965 release soothing to everybody’s soul. His 17 second note holding on the one word “BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBY” made both females cringe and had the males in awe. The 65′ release of this record hit #3 on the R&B Hot Black Singles chart, its re-release in 1968 hit #10 on billboard 100.

The song defined passion and definitely defined “Soul”.

Something these young rappers should pay some attention to. When there was a time when men had respect for and sung love to women instead of words talking obscenities and insults at them.

And when the women had respect enough for themselves by excepting nothing more and settling for nothing less. We all need to go back to a better time.

All I know that if Marvin Junior had been singing this to me, oh baby you better believe I would have stayed.

This was the day of real R&B.

Written by Bobby Miller, Wade Flemons & Barrett Strong.
Released in 1965- Vee Jay Records, Cadet, Re-Released 1968 Chess

Marvin Junior – baritone lead
Johnny Carter – falsetto leader
Mickey McGill – vocals
Verne Allison– vocals
Chuck Barksdale – vocals




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4 responses to “Sunday Smooth Soul’ ~ “Stay In My Corner” ~ The Dells

  1. Oh this is just one of many Diane. This one is under the Music Tab, Engage yourself.

    Just call this Longshot’s Soul CD #1, LOL

    Wish I knew how to loop them to play one after the other.

  2. Levi Stubbs and Marvin Junior are two the greatest male singers of our time! Listen to “I touch a Dream” by the Dells. This is pure soul at its best. Then you have to listen to Levi Stubbs sing Bernadette (alcupella) spelling? This man didn’t get the credit he deserved! What an artist!

  3. Levi did in Detroit Beatrice. We absolutely adored Levi. I had the chance to too see the Four Tops in 2005, sadly though just two weeks after Obie Benson died. But when they brought Levi onto that stage in his wheel chair there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. All of us shouting at the top of our lungs WE LOVE YOU LEVI.

    I know the Temps had a lot of hits but I always loved the Tops better and Levi was the main reason. And as far as I’m concerned it was Paul Williams not David Ruffin that was the backbone and true soul of the Temps.

    Back in the 50s and 60s there were so many groups with such awesome talent, that all didn’t ever get their due. But believe me at the time, people and other artists were paying attention.

    To me the National Anthem of “Motown” was “Baby I Need Your Loving”.

    God I miss those days. Thanks for stopping by Beatrice.

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