Friday at The Fillmore ~ “Turn On Your Love Light” ~ Grateful Dead, Greg & Duane Allman, Barry Oakley, Peter Greene & more…..

On Monday I started with Detroit’s Bob Seger’s rendition.

Bobby Bland got first strike with this song, but never did he do it like the Grateful Dead who got second strike in 1966. And certainly not what turned out to be the jam of a historical proportion with members of The Allman Brothers Band & Fleetwood Mack joining them on stage.

They just didn’t turn on the love light, I’m sure
whoever was in that audience that night had to have been in 7th Heaven and with the drugs I’m sure they thought they literally were. They were seeing lights with magical streams of colors sparkling like the Fourth of July. How I envy them, not on the drug part but on the muse. They were more than a lucky bunch.

Ironically there was one more rendition of this song besides the three I’ve written about from Monday. Edgar Winter did an explosive version of his own with some mighty players. Gotta save that one for another time. Can you imagine if those guys were up on that stage with these players as well. Whew!

A concert of all concerts on Feb. 11, 1970 in New York at the Fillmore East. This was a partial rendition of the late show that night. 30+ minutes of sure bliss……….God Bless Bill Graham and long live the hippies!

Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia – lead guitar, vocals
Mickey Hart – drums
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Phil Lesh – electric bass, vocals
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – organ, percussion, vocals
Bob Weir – guitar, vocals


Greg Allman – keyboards, vocals
Duane Allman – guitar, vocals
Barry Oakley – bass
Butch Trucks – drums
Peter Greene – guitar
Danny Kirwin – guitar

It is said that Mick Fleetwood was on stage during this performance as well.


“Turn On Your Love Light”
Written by Joe Scott & Deadric Malone




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