Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “It Must Be Him” ~ Vikki Carr


Written by Music: Gilbert Bécaud, Lyrics: originally in French, Title: “Seul Sur Son Étoile” by Maurice Vidalin.
New English lyrics and title by were written by Mack David.

Carr scored number 3 on the Billboard 100 and #2 in the UK & AUS with this single in 1966.

Things sure did change in just 4 years for this artist from He’s A Rebel in 62′ that Phil Spector ripped off from her with having The Crystals immediately cover the song once her heard Carr recording it. Didn’t hurt her career any that’s for sure.

In 67′ the album (#12 on Billboard) of the same name was released and got nominated for a three Grammys.

She had toured with Danny Kaye during the 60s to Nam to entertain our troops and she was on every single big known talk and variety show there was.

She put out a lot more singles and albums but none ever hit as big as “It Must Be Him”.

I hear this song now and all I can think of is “Now he’s going to listen to that Vikki Carr record and when he comes to bed he won’t touch me” from Moonstruck. LOL

This mighty voice gained her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1981. And from the 80s on basically returned to her roots and recorded 13 albums producing about 35 singles in Spanish with one hitting #1 on the US Latin chart in 1991.

She might of been born Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez Cardona, but we all know her simply as Miss Vikki Carr. And man what a set of vocal chords.

A singer in every sense of the word,

When It Was Music.





1960s Pop

One Class Act




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2 responses to “Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “It Must Be Him” ~ Vikki Carr

  1. Wow – what an amazing voice! I’m trying hard to resist buying her Greatest Hits CD, mainly because I have a feeling if I follow your blog for long, I’ll have to choose between buying music or buying groceries.

  2. LMAO

    You are a trip Dianne Thank You. I think that’s about as nice of a compliment that I have received thus far but My God DON’T STARVE! LOL

    I just wish we could recapture some of this talent from our past that simply just isn’t there anymore. We used to be flooded with real honest to God singers and orchestration of Music, now they are so far and few in-between. I just wish they would go back to vinyl honestly. I know no scratches etc. but there was something about buying a record or an album inside of a big cover with liner notes.

    And wish there were regular radio stations that still played this Class, they are few and far in-between as well. Thanks for tuning in here. Hope I never disappoint.

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